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            五色草 AMI System
            • Stock Code: 601222.SH

            AMI System

            AMI System

            Based on years of experience in the power industry and according to the customer demand and the power system related standards, LINYANG has developed a professional, easy to use, high-performance and high reliable electricity information management system that combines substation meter reading, public distribution transformer management, dedicated transformer management and residential meter reading and suitable for provincial, urban and rural power company system.

            Via remote communication channel (GPRS, CDMA, Fibre, etc.) , the electricity consumption data and related information from the load control terminals, concentrators and energy meters will be sent to the main station initiatively and by the way of automatic meter reading. The system will present the statistical analysis data to the customer in graphic form. The system can also remotely cut or restore power supply as well as providing prepayment services.